You’re stupid, God will punish you – GMA Vice President descends on contractor Kofi Job

The Vice President of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) and a resident of Aputuogua, a community in the Bosomtwe District of the Ashanti Region, Dr Frank Serebour has descended on the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kofi Job Construction Limited following the slow pace in the completion of Esereso-Bosomtwe road. The Esereso-Bosomtwe road which was awarded to Kofi Job Construction Limited has been neglected for so many months, hence its delay leaving residents to ply the deplorable road for months despite assurances by authorities. Residents and drivers who ply the road have organized series of demonstrations against the government and Kofi Job Construction Limited to demand the swift completion of the road. In an interview with Kumasi-based Abusua Fm Morning Show hosted by Kojo Marfo, Dr Frank Serebour expressed his disappointment at the slow pace for the completion of the Esereso-Bosomtwe road which has been neglected for some months. According to him, the state of the road has collapsed businesses and making lives of those using the road uncomfortable. “It’s so pathetic how Kofi Job has taken the people of Esereso-Bosomtwe for granted. Dust is killing people slowly. He is a stupid contractor and God will punish him for his attitude towards Esereso-Bosomtwe residents” Dr Frank Serebour cursed. “This stupid attitude of Kofi Job will only happen in Ghana. Kojo come and see how people are suffering due to the neglect of the road. If he knows he has not been paid, he should come out and say it than punishing the people”. He challenged him “Now Kofi Job is on Esereso-Bosomtwe road constructing bridge and it has even worsened the situation. It has created too much traffic because the road has been diverted into the bush. Does it make sense?”, he asked. Source:mynewsgh

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