‘War’ against coronavirus at Rawlings’ funeral

Whereas the country is mourning a fallen Head of State, the war against the resurging coronavirus remains. A fast-rising spate in numbers in recent times has raised concerns and called for stricter observance of the protocols to ensure curbing. As it stands, the nation has 3,813 active cases with a total of 62,751 COVID-19 cases and 377 deaths. With the huge numbers expected at the state burial service being held in honour of former President, Jerry John Rawlings, there has been a major reinforcement of these protocols. Nurses have been deployed to ensure strict adherence, transportable handwashing devices have been stationed at various points, there is the availability of hand sanitisers and face mask-wearing is compulsory. Also, seeing that different personalities will be using the podiums at various points to read tributes, introduce dignitaries and the likes, there is constant disinfection of the platform by designated nurses, after every reading. These form parts of measures by government and organisers of the event, to ensure there is no further spread of the disease within the period. Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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