Tsatsu requests in-camera meeting with judges over yet-to- be-identified witness

Lawyers of the petitioner in the ongoing election petiton at the Supreme Court has requested an in-camera engagement with the panel hearing the 2020 Election petiton regarding a potential witness they intend to rely on. The request was after the apex court panel of seven had dismissed a motion seeking for an inspection of original documents of collation and summary sheets in the custody of the EC. Mr Tsikata, lead counsel for the petitioner told the court that, there is a health issue regarding a-yet-to-be-identified witness they intended to call. Providing grounds for that request, he said the reason the said potential witness has not filed any witness statement is due to his health grounds, hence the request for the in Camera hearing. Counsel for the electoral Commission Justin Amenuvor on his part said, they were informed this morning by counsel for the petioner that there is an issue they woukd be raising in chamber regarding the witness. The identity of the witness is yet to be known. Currently, the panel of seven and only lead counsel for the parties have been invited due to the Covid 19 virus. Source: Ghana/Kasapafmonline.com

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