Supreme Court boots out John Mahama for the fourth time, rules Jean Mensa won’t testify

The Supreme has booted John Mahama again, this time, ruling that the witness for the first respondent, Electoral Commissioner Jean Mensa cannot be forced to mount the witness box. The Petitioner raised an objection after the Counsel for the First Respondent prayed the court that they are ok with the evidence adduced from the witnesses brought forward by the witnesses of the petitioner Adding that their witnesses will not mount the witness box. Delivering the Judgement, the Chief Justice said “We are reminded to state that our jurisdiction invoked in this election petition is limited jurisdiction clearly circumscribed by law. We do not intend to extend our mandate beyond what the law requires of us in such petitions brought under article 67 clause 1. Simply put, We are not convinced and will not yield to the invitation being extended to us by the counsel for the petitioner to order the respondents to enter the witness box in order to be cross-examined. “Accordingly, we hereby overrule the objection raised by the counsel for the petitioner against the decision of the respondents declining to adduce testimonies in this petition”, the Chief Justice said. Meanwhile, the petitioner has prayed the court that it will subpoena the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission to be cross-examined. Source:

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