Shield all your political ambitions and rally behind Bawumia to break 8 – NPP financier.

A political party financier for the New Patriotic Party in the Upper East region, Filson Awankua has indicated that it’s time for other party members with political ambition to be President to shield the ambition and rally behind Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. According to him, it is imperative for such people to shield their ambitions and join Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia because the party has a project to break the eight cycle and that can only be achieved with the Vice President leading the political party.
“Some of us will appeal to members of our party that we have our individual ambitions but the time has come to shelve such ambitions in order to allow the tradition to survive. You need to demonstrate as a party member that you have the party’s interest at heart. It shouldn+’t be about your ambitions. It should be about the collective good of the party”. Filson Awankua who was speaking on Bolgatanga-based A1 Radio noted that the party should not make a mistake and push them into the hands of the NDC whose leadership has always pulled the tribal card and have said that the NPP will not allow a Northern to lead it because that will be the party’s downfall. “Our friends in the NDC keep telling us that NPP will not allow a Northerner to lead it,” he said. ” If we fail to clear this perception of an Akan party and that a Northerner cannot lead the NPP by failing to fill Dr. Bawumia as flag bearer, the price we will have to pay will be so heavy for the tradition not just NPP that even our grandchildren cannot pay.” Source: 2021

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