Ricky Anokye applauds Child Rights International for reporting Akuapem Poloo

Content Curator and lead entertainment critic, Ricky Anokye appears excited that Child Rights International didn’t treat Aluapem Poloo’s case as “business as usual” but took the bold step to report and follow up on the processes leading to her sentencing . The revered talent manager is of the opinion that Poloo’s case will bring sanity to social media and deter people from doing things anyhow. In as much as he feels sorry for Poloo, he is happy that the law is working. Speaking to Nana Kwadwo Addo on Showbiz 927 on 3fm, Ricky Anokye described the 90 day sentencing as fair. “ In as much as I don’t believe in custodial sentencing, I can’t change it, but I think that it’s also very fair and very fine that such things are done” he argued He expressed concern that the entertainment space has been very careless , stressing its critical to take measures to sanitize the space and get people to act responsibly. “ The media and entertainment industry , we’ve been very careless to the extent that sometimes you hear people say that we are jokers…There is no order , Anybody at all come in , you just have to be crazy and daring to be accepted and given the celebrity tag, especially when you become known on social media , you are a celebrity” he remarked Ricky Anokye is happy that Child Rights International took steps to get Akuapem Poloo punished. “ I feel bad about the fact that a young is going to prison, leaving behind the son, it’s not the best but I think in as much as I feel sorry for her, I think I feel proud for those who actually took the issue up ; Child Rights International, They made sure the right thing was done “ “Worst things have happened but nobody took them up, it’s because we don’t take ourselves serious…This one if Child Rights International had not pushed it, it would have been one of those issues. It brings up what I call the responsibility factor , that who is responsible for us ? Ricky Anokye Concluded. Showbiz 927 is live in 3Fm every Saturday at 1pm. By Konxept Worae|3news.com|Ghana

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