Pamela Watara wades into LGBT+ saga

Controversial social media personality and actress, Pamela Watara, has given her take on the current trending issue of whether the LGBT+ movement should be legalised in Ghana or not.

In an interview on eTV Ghana, she opined that the legalisation of the LGBT+ system will happen although not now, sometime in the future, and whether or not she supports it will not change anything about it. She disclosed that there have been several instances where women have made their move on her, however, she does not pay attention to them because she prefers males.

Sharing some of these experiences, she said: “Some people don’t say it directly but when they get close to me, then they try to make their move. Even yesterday, one lady sent me a DM saying she wants to play with my boobs and when I checked out her profile, she was a very nice lady. Some of them also text me that they want us to have fun but I don’t reply them.”

She said she has never had any such attraction towards women and she will always choose the feeling of a man hitting her over same-sex intimacy. Source :Adomonline

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