I’m glad Mr. Drew is learning”Sense”from me – Kuami Eugene

Ghanaian highlife musician, Kuami Eugene has finally responded to Mr Drew’s claim that he takes inspiration from him. For the past few months, Mr. Drew and Kuami Eugene have been having back and forth beef which has caught the attention of Ghanaian’s. In an interview with Abeiku Santana, Mr. Drew was smashed with questions about “stealing” other peoples songs and making them his own. He was asked why he always takes songs of other artists and answering the question, he said ” I’m learning from Kuami Eugene” “Kuami Eugene started stealing songs before me, he has a scholarship in doing that so i’m learning from him” he replied. ‘Well, everybody steals songs but it’s all about creativity” he continued. Reacting to this in an interview, Kuami Eugene told Abeiku Santana who asked how he felt about the issue that he should allow Mr. Drew to express himself. “I’m not sure if he said it in the same way you’re telling me because I’ve not heard it. Well, I’m happy he is learning sense from me. Mr. Dew is older than i am so if he is learning from me, then I’m glad” he said. Source:ShirlinBlanksonMcCarthy/Allgatemedia

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