Hannah Bissiw leads NDC women’s Organizers to declare support for Mahama’s 2024 bid

The National Women’s Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) Dr Hannah Luisa Bissiw on Monday, March 22, 2021 led women Organizers of the party in the Eastern Region to pledge their unflinching support for John Dramani Mahama to once again lead the party in 2024 Presidential election. The pledge was made after hours of a closed-door meeting with the Constituency Women’s Organizers drawn from all 33 Constituencies in the region. “….I pledge myself in all things, to work, to uphold and defend the good name of the National Democratic Congress so help me God. I hereby, pledge my support to His Excellency John Dramani Mahama……I am In ” Hannah Bissiw led the women Organizers to say in unison. The decision comes few days after the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) forecasted a victory for NDC in the 2024 Presidential Election but with a fresh Presidential Candidate. Speaking to Kasapa News, Dr. Hannah Bissiw said John Mahama has the track records and credibility to secure victory for the NDC in 2024 therefore the NDC will not present any fresh candidate. “We want a leader that we can trust. We want a leader who is credible and if you compare President Mahama and the current President, we know that he stands way tall not in the height but tall in terms of trust, in terms of a leader that you can actually look up to, and so for me and for us it is John Dramani Mahama he is the one Ghanaians voted for and so we still stand by him”.
She said women in Ghana are still hoping to live to the reality of various life-changing policy interventions captured in the NDC manifesto under the leadership of John Mahama. ” You can’t say NDC will win and not John Mahama. Definitely, the party is going to give him the nod. He is our leader, he is our President. We know that Ghanaians voted for him. We know that they did not vote against President John Mahama. Ghanaians voted for him and we need to be realistic for once and so they’ve done their studies fine, we haven’t done any studies, we can look back and see all the good works of President Mahama”. “We can look back and remember some of his promises in the manifesto we are still looking forward to these promises as women we are still looking forward to the good schools, we are still looking forward to the market, we are still looking forward to the health system that he was going to make it better for us. We are still looking forward to the things that will alleviate us from our suffering. So we are looking up to that leader who has done it before, who hasn’t said one thing and come back to say no it is reversing it as we can see now” she said Hannah Bissiw claimed John Mahama was robbed of his victory in 2020 which the party has learnt a bitter lesson never to allow a repetition. Eastern Regional Women’s Organizer of the NDC Shirley Naana Osei Ampem on her part said, Women Organizers in the Region have reaffirmed their support for John Mahama to lead the party in 2024 to secure victory to finish his remaining four-year tenure. She, therefore, urged all Presidential hopefuls in the party “not to waste their time and monies to campaign rather support John Mahama but after his term come they can come out to campaign which we will be willing to support them”. Source: Kasapafmonline.com/Kojo Ansah

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