Eight excavators reportedly belonging to NPP women’s organizer burnt

The fight against galamsey has been very crucial since the president took the issue to heart and promised to stop these culprits from destroying water bodies and other natural resources. On Sunday, 15th May 2021, the military task force in charge of checking galamsey sites, burnt eight(8) excavators, a dozer, and dozens of water pumping machines at the mining site of the NPP women’s organizer Madam Kate Gyamfua at Akyem Akropong in the Eastern Region. In an interview, an eye witness, who is also a worker at the mining site explained how everything happened. “We were here when the military came and asked us to show them around. we took them to inspect the place and told them that we are a legal small-scale mining site that belong to the NPP National women’s Organizer Kate Gyamfua. we showed them how we are mining with recycle water without destroying the rivers. But they just started burning the excavators. I’m so worried they did this a whole Kate Gyamfua. She has supported the NPP party with huge amounts of money so why treat her like this? we have nothing to tell Akuffo Addo” he said. However, some Ghanaian’s have expressed displeasure about the burning of these excavators. Check out some comments from social media efyah_serwaah6“But they can be seized ?? and kept for the nation?” zuttcyrus: “They should also go to Western North but I really don’t accept the burning of the excavators though.” hadjiibrahim5: “And why that they burnt ? the dozer too so who and what will be used to cover the left over pits hmmm” By:ShirlinBlanksonMcCarthy/Allgatemedia

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