Counselor Lutterodt sacked from his church for impregnating a member and dating over five girls

A piece of shocking news circulating on social media sees a man identified as Kwaku Amedone alleging that Counsellor Lutterodt is the only controversial sex and relationship coach graced in Ghana who has been disgraced and sacked by his church officials for dating four members at a time and impregnating one.

In an interview monitored by, Kwaku Amedone made this disclosure about Counsellor Lutterodt while speaking about domestic violence. According to him, Counsellor Lutterodt is a clear example of domestic violence considering how he abuses women in Ghana yet given the platform by many media houses to speak to the public. Revealing how the Counsellor was sacked as he alleged, he said after conducting his investigations, he found out that the Counsellor was sacked after impregnating one lady and dating four others from the church’s choir. He added that after Counsellor Lutterodt got the lady pregnant, he requested that the baby will be aborted but the lady refused and reported him to the officials of the church where he received the bitter disgrace of his life in front of the congregation. Well, we are currently waiting for Counsellor’s reaction. Source:mynewsgh

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